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The Vertebral Subluxation Explained

The Role of the Central Nervous System, the Spine and Your Health

Your spine consists of 24 vertebrae which have been designed to stack on top of each other in perfect alignment running along the center of your back, protecting the spinal cord that lays within each vertebra.

Your central nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord. Spinal nerves branch off of the spinal cord and control every single cell, tissue and organ in your entire body. In order for your body to regulate and heal properly, messages must be able to flow freely from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain via your nerves.

A subluxation is the dislodging or dislocating of one or more vertebrae and occurs when a spinal bone (vertebrae) becomes misaligned, causing “pinching” or irritation of a spinal nerve. This misalignment can be the cause of communication getting cut from the brain to the body and vice versa. A lack of communication between the nervous system and the body causes an interference, which causes a body malfunction resulting in the dis-ease within a person.

When a subluxation is present, your body is unable to self-regulate and self-heal as it was designed to.

A subluxation can be present for years without producing any signs or symptoms, or it can manifest as a multitude of symptoms no matter what your age. Unfortunately, it’s estimated only 8-14% of all nerves can actually sense pain. This means that you may have a subluxation present and not know it. Some refer to the subluxation as “the silent killer” for this very reason.

Schedule a Chiropractic Assessment to See if You Are Living with a Subluxation

For preventative care before a situation becomes noticeable, and potentially worse, the recommendation is to schedule a chiropractic exam with a principled chiropractor who is trained specifically to assess the nervous system for subluxations and correct them with a specific chiropractic adjustment.

Diagnosing a subluxation earlier on opposed to when symptoms may become noticeable will save time and money on your end. If your body becomes accustomed to the misalignment it is more vulnerable to injury and less resistant to proper healing in case of an accident. To ensure your optimal health schedule an assessment today with Dr. Boehland at his Prescott chiropractic clinic, with his amazing staff and advanced chiropractic technology.

Could the Life You’re Living Become Even Better by Diagnosing a Subluxation?

What if you are living a life that is impacted by a subluxation? Nagging aching joints, headaches, blurred vision, allergies, constant sickness. These could all be linked to the misalignment of the bones in your spine. You are living a sub-par life with little, or big annoyances, when you could be free of them and living a live at optimal level.

Enhance you’re your health to mediocre to optimal with Cornerstone Family Chiropractic.  We are happy to meet you and to listen to your concerns. Dr. Boehland provides the best chiropractic care in the Prescott area!

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