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Dr. Robert Boehland

Dr. Robert Boehland is proud to bring principled, neurologically-based chiropractic care to the Prescott, Prescott Valley, and surrounding regions. After many sports injuries growing up, Dr. Boehland grew tired of the medical method of “treating” the symptoms with pain killers and quick “fix it” surgeries. It wasn’t until he visited a family friend and chiropractor that Dr. Boehland was introduced to the mindset and simple concept that the “body heals itself.”

 “It is such a simple concept to grasp, yet we as a nation are being fed the lies that health comes from a pill, surgery, or medicine; making this commonsense principle to be overshadowed”

 –Dr. Boehland.

 It is the desire of Cornerstone Family Chiropractic as well as Dr. Boehland to be able to deliver this same truth to the Prescott and Prescott Valley communities to help set a solid foundation on the fact that health is obtained from the inside out, not the outside in. 

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Dr. Boehland’s Journey to Chiropractic Care in Prescott

Being born and raised in Phoenix, AZ Dr. Boehland knows very well what it is like to survive and enjoy living in the Valley of the Sun. While in Phoenix, he obtained his undergraduate studies from Paradise Valley Community College. He went on to receive his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the most prestigious chiropractic college in the world, Palmer College of Chiropractic; making him a first generation chiropractor. A degree wasn’t the only thing Dr. Boehland left Davenport, IA with; he also decided to marry the woman of his dreams in the Fall of 2013. Happily married, Dr. Boehland and his wife Andrea are excited to be working as a husband and wife team helping bring principled chiropractic to the Prescott and Prescott Valley area.

Dr. Boehland moved his family to Colorado so they could have the privilege to serve their internship at ADIO Chiropractic, the largest chiropractic office in the state of Colorado with Dr. Michael Viscarelli. During his time in the office Dr. Boehland worked firsthand with practice members with conditions like multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, sciatica, migraines, fibromyalgia, sinusitis, arthritis, among many other conditions. This practice was also the largest pediatric practice in the entire western United States.

A Chiropractor Specializing in Infant, Child and Pregnant Women Chiropractic Services

Many children he worked with benefited from chiropractic care with health issues like autism, A.D.H.D., colic, bed wetting, ear infections and much more. Dr. Boehland has extensive post-graduate training in pediatrics and pregnant women. His experience working with pregnant women, babies and children allows him to provide the highest quality of care. His expertise and knowledge in the Gonstead System allows him to provide both gentle and effective adjustments that allow the body to heal itself with tremendous results.

Dr. Boehland’s Certifications

  • International Chiropractic Association Board-Certified Member
  • International Federation of Chiropractors Organization Board-Certified Member
  • Arizona State Chiropractic Association Board-Certified Member
  • Christian Chiropractors Association Board-Certified Member
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Andrea Boehland

Born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma and moving all over the United States, Dr. Boehland’s wife, Andrea, eventually found herself living in the Valley of the Sun. She served her community for 15 years, pursuing a career in business banking. As an assistant vice president of a privately owned banking institution, she found a passion for working with people and businesses helping them achieve their financial goals.


Andrea was able to create wonderful business relationships, and lifelong friendships with those she had the opportunity to serve. Taking her responsibilities further, one of the areas Andrea longed to work with was children. She was able to develop and introduce financial literacy programs to the schools within her direct markets.

Recognized for Her Gifts and Passion

Andrea was able to meet with teachers, parents and children and educate them on financial literacy creating a solid foundation for those who needed guidance. Children’s education quickly became a passion for Andrea, and within a year she was recognized and awarded “Business Partner of the Year,” throughout the Deer Valley Unified School District.

A Huge Proponent for Her Husband’s Prescott Chiropractic Vision

Meeting her husband, Dr. Boehland, was the most amazing thing that ever happened to her! She and Dr. Boehland married in October of 2013, where she moved to Iowa to see him complete his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Through her time in Iowa, she was able to further understand the value that her husband was building in his principled approach to chiropractic, as well as the overall heart that he had for those he served and looks to serve.


In October of 2014, Andrea and Dr. Boehland were able to precept with the largest pediatric chiropractic offices in the United States, ADIO Chiropractic. While in Colorado, she saw many beautiful testimonies of health from whom ADIO’s practice members shared and those of their children who were under care, from Dr. Michael Viscarelli.

A Dedicated Duo with a Purpose to Serve Their Home Community

Andrea, and her husband have the strongest desire to serve the community of Prescott and Prescott Valley with the upmost integrity. The duo strives to bring principled chiropractic care to those who need health restoration and overall wellness. They look forward to serving many children, as well as those who serve or have served in our armed forces. Together, they look to help their communities understand that God designed our bodies to work properly and “what made the body, heals the body.”

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At our Prescott Valley Chiropractic office, we see a variety of people with an assortment of health conditions and health goals. With our state-of-the-art chiropractic assessment and chiropractic technology, along with a detailed analysis, we focus directly on the cause of your health issues. The focus on the cause enables the restoration of a greater state of well-being for you and your family.


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